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Take our course
and make you dream come true!

During the Jet Orientation Course:

you will get to see
the cockpit
of Boeing 737 NG

you will take part
in sessions conducted
by a Boeing 737
airline pilot

you will take a training complying with the standards of different carriers to enable your establishment of cooperation with one of them

you will spend 20 workshop hours in theory and practice classes

What is the JOC training?

The training trains you
in flying jet engine aircrafts.

You will learn the basics and issues related to the work of a pilot in a machine from the commercial aviation segment. The training is conducted using the Boeing 737-NG simulator.

What do you gain from the training?

  • You get to operate the equipment in real life conditions
  • You experience the flight mechanics similar to the behavior of the jet aircraft
  • You can practice your reactions to possible failures, e.g., landing gear failure or engine fire
  • You can test yourself in real recruitment exam scenarios
  • You have contact with a real pilot
  • You can strengthen your skills of cooperation with a crew


If you wish to sign up for the training, have questions or want to make a reservation:

We are prepared for the demanding conditions that the pilot meets
in their daily work.



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