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AirMeon is a certified, full-size and functional
B737NG passenger aircraft simulator.

Our machine is an exceptionally faithful reproduction of a real cockpit with the controls, switches, displays and throttles working the same as in real life! AIRMEON gives you a unique chance to take a seat at the controls of the aircraft worth 96 million dollars and fly this machine weighing tens of tons to wherever you like!

Why should you choose AIRMEON for the company event?


  • an original setting
  • event theme
  • game scenarios for the whole team
  • support from experienced instructors
  • catering
  • a comfortable cafe for guests
  • commemorative photos and videos
  • aviation awards for game winners


If you are interested in our offer, contact us and we will prepare a solution that best suits your needs.

We are ready to prepare an integration, business meeting, party,
and a special occasion for your loved ones.

Welcome on board!


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