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About the simulator

AirMeon is a full-size and functional
B737NG passenger aircraft simulator.

Our machine is an exceptionally faithful reproduction of a real cockpit with the controls, switches, displays and throttles operating the same as in real life! AIRMEON gives you a unique chance to take a seat at the controls of the aircraft worth 96 million dollars and fly this machine weighing tens of tons to wherever you like!


Our simulator is in operation all year round. You can use the aircraft for both domestic and international travels. From the cockpit you will see the infrastructure (3D buildings and terminals) of German, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish airports.

Depending on the chosen scenario, you can admire the following tourist attractions:

Cultural heritage, e.g.:

  • Collegiate church of St. Mary in Stargard
  • Cathedral Basilica of St. James the Apostle in Szczecin
  • St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Kamień Pomorski
  • Ruins of the church in Trzęsacz
  • Castle in Szczecin
  • Chrobry Embankment in Szczecin
  • Lighthouse in Świnoujście
  • Lighthouse in Kołobrzeg

Nature, e.g.:

  • Wolin National Park
  • Coastal Trail
  • Dąbie Lake
  • Miedwie Lake
  • Cliff shore in Międzyzdroje
  • Bukowa Forest

What is your visit going to look like?

  • arrive at the simulator 15 minutes before the booked flight
  • theoretical introduction to the flight (getting familiar with the cockpit, discussing scenarios)
  • reconnaissance/scenic/training flight in the simulator with an instructor’s assistance
  • commemorative photo and a certificate.


Ready for a visit to your dream airport? Don’t wait any longer, take over the controls and become the captain of our aircraft.

Ready for a visit to your dream airport? Do not wait, grab your rudders and become captain of our plane.

Welcome on board!


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